Kickout Flashing

Many water intrusion problems in stucco homes are the result of lack of kickout flashing or improper kickout flashing installation. Kickout flashing should be installed where a roof line terminates or intersects a vertical wall.

Deck Flashing

Deck flashing plays a major role in protecting your deck and home from water damage. Deck flashing’s main purpose is to prevent water intrusion behind the deck ledger board and eventually into the home, additionally cap flashing for the structural beam protects beam from moisture damage. Water that can get behind the deck ledger board can lead to sill and band joist dry rot as well as connector corrosion. Mold and mildew growth can also occur. These issues can eventually cause the deck to pull away from the home leading to catastrophic deck failure.

End dam flashing

Attaches to existing flashing and diverts water laterally so that it drains away from the house.

Header Flashing with End Dams for windows and doors

Helps to prevent water from leaking in behind windows and doors. Installation of this type of flashing also helps to minimize reliance on caulking which will eventually fail.