Stucco – All associated services

  • Installation of complete stucco systems

We apply 2 ply waterproofing paper, window tape, install all pertinent flashings and casings (i.e. window, door, deck, roof), metal lath or 20 gauge wire, concrete fiber base coat, optional standard reinforcing fiberglass mesh, Acrylic stucco finish coat for color and texture.

    • Skimming of existing stucco

This can be done in two ways. If cracking does not exist we skim using a bonding agent with and Acrylic Stucco finish coat. If cracking does exist we skim using the bonding agent with an embedded layer of standard reinforcing fiberglass mesh and complete with Acrylic Stucco finish.

  • Reconstruction of damaged stucco systems

Impact damage, cracking, or moisture damage repair.

  • Installation of architectural details to existing stucco

We install window details, belly bands, and soffit crowns. Additionally, we can add in details to repair areas to reduce cost of whole wall skimming.

  • Moisture damage repairs

We investigation the area to find out the extent of the damage, we follow damaged substrate until we find border areas that are uncompromised, we remove all damaged substrate and insulation, then we build back the substrate and stucco system with all necessary flashing to prevent damage from reoccurring.

  • Repairs in conjunction with roofing repairs

We work with many roofing companies in order to repair damage due to incorrect flashing or installation of a new roof on home.

  • Repairs in conjunction with window repairs and replacement

We work with many window and door companies in order to help with installation of windows and doors. Typically we cut back stucco to allow for installation and then return to build back stucco with the correct flashing, system, and sealants.

  • Repairs involved with deck repair or replacement

We work with many deck construction companies to assist in rebuilding stucco in areas where flashing was installed for the deck.

  • Stucco application, stone, and flashing installation to deck columns to match existing stucco on the home.
  • Kickout Flashing Installation
  • Deck Flashing
  • End dam flashing
  • Header Flashing with End Dams for windows and doors