Spring is the season when the drumming sound of woodpeckers returns to Colorado. Woodpeckers cause property damage by creating holes in to the stucco and eaves. Woodpeckers hammer to attract mates, to establish or defend a territory, to excavate nesting or roosting sites, and to search for insects.

It is exceedingly important to repair woodpecker damage because it allows moisture to get in behind the stucco system. This can cause the stucco system to fail and result in damage to house framing and substrate.

Repair options consist of

Option 1

Filling in and patch repairing the existing system. This option is the least expensive and will stop moisture intrusion behind the stucco system. However, although every effort is made to match your existing stucco color and texture, patches are usually noticeable.

Option 2

Filling in and patch repairing the woodpecker holes. Binding repair areas to existing stucco with fiberglass mesh. Skimming entire area from corner to corner to conceal repair areas. This provides a seamless appearance to repairs rather then the polka dotted appearance that can result from option 1.